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Drink Spill Prank Toy
Drink Spill Prank Toy
Drink Spill Prank Toy
Drink Spill Prank Toy

Drink Spill Prank Toy

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😂Totally cruel... and totally worth it!! 🤣🥃🥂😂

Horrify Your Friends, Family, and Colleagues - One of the worst surprises when coming back to your computer is a drink spilled all of your keyboards! Prank your friends, family, and workmates with this hilarious prank cup and try not to laugh when they come back to discover their work area covered in coffee or soda! You can tell them it was a prank least after they start crying.
No Real Mess To Clean Up - It's all bendable plastic, so there won't be any real mess to clean up, except that of the emotions of those you pranked.
Great April Fool's Joke - This makes the perfect prank for your office nemesis or anyone on April Fool's Day!
Comes In Four Different Types:
  • Spilled Starbucks Iced Drink Cup
  • Spilled Cola Cup
  • Spilled Cup of Noodles
  • Phone Charging Base With Food Spill


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